Tips to Boost Your Popularity Online

Do you recall your days back in high school? For many students, high school for the most part was about popularity, or simply how to become popular in school.
If you were a guy, maybe you would join the football team, or if a girl perhaps the drill team or cheer-leading. But what if you didn’t like football? What if you didn’t want to be a cheerleader? Then you could simply become a friend to someone who was on the team or squad. Then you could increase your chances to be popular by simply becoming a friend with someone who was. Believe it or not-the same can be true with your website.
People, products, brands, and your business— all need a little familiarity to get recognized, tested, and eventually accepted. In some instances, familiarization itself is sometimes not enough and being popular is far more convincing. To reach your targets considerably, establishing a website that garners traffic and popularity is a much desired goal.
Increasing traffic to your website can be done in a number of ways and it takes time. But how can you make your website popular? Just remember your approach in high school. However, here are 5 few tips to boost your popularity online.

1. The Back-links
Back-links are integral factors in improving traffic to your website. However, not all back-links are good for your website. Only those that are relevant to your industry.
So what you can do is perform a search for the most popular websites relevant to your industry. Look for the ones that may invite you to leave a comment on an article or idea. Most of these sites may allow you to leave a back-link linking to your own website. Be sure to read the article well and leave a good comment, thanking them for sharing. If you do this on a regular basis you can develop a good rapport with them, like becoming a friend with someone popular in high school.

2. Quality Contents
People like reading articles that make sense. If it is of no use, then what would be the purpose of reading it? In writing a worthwhile piece, write something that people do care to know about your products, about the company, its benefits, and many more. You can even write in detail of some sort regarding your clients’ concerns and queries. Eventually, this would likely clear up the clouds building in the minds of your valued clients. Make yourself an expert in the eyes of your reader.

3. Social Media Engagements
Social media has become more than just a platform for socialization. It has also become a means for improving website traffic. Just consider a user has picked an interest in your post and eventually sharing it, this means the user got engaged with what you have shared. These users, in the long run, have become your force multiplier, by using social media.
How are you going to get those clicks and shares? Firstly, simply make your posts concise and interesting. Lastly, be people-oriented. Do not be too obvious in selling out your brands or products. Instead, just give a helping hand!

4. The Responsive and Flexible Website
Time is precious! Nowadays, people who like to know something conveniently and in a short span of time would prefer to search the web through their mobile devices. Therefore, make your website flexible and view able on a wide range of devices. If people see that your website is flexible from any device, this will certainly increase your popularity online.

5. Directory Submissions
According to LinkCollider, directory submissions can increase the volume of traffic to your website and has the effect of also increasing your search engine rankings. As a matter of fact, this is a cost-effective approach because it opens up new doors to different websites. In the long run, it boosts your link building activities. Directories submissions are also good because your search engines see that your site is gaining some popularity and will rank you accordingly.
There are lots of directories, but the query starts on what directory should you go to? Here are some that you can try to give your website boost it’s popularity online.

All Free Things (
Travel Tourism Directory Info (
High-Rank Directory (
Marketing Internet Directory (
Submission Web Directory (
Link (
Feed Up Info (
Hot Vs Not (
Direct My Link (
Master Moz (

Traffic and Popularity are Earned!
Indeed, creating, maintaining and boosting your website is a challenge. It calls for a lot of hard work and sometimes a little strategy and creativity. The bottom line lies on the appropriate approaches and their implications. So just like those days back in school-recall if not from yourself, the desire, the desperation from someone else to be popular, and use those same techniques to boost your popularity online.

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